EDIMS automates ED workflow,
from registration to disposition

Designed by and for practicing ED clinicians, EDIMS anticipates and documents every step in the ED workflow.

Easy to use and intuitive, EDIMS works to keep charting time to a minimum while generating EMR records that are complete, legible, accurate, and compliant.

Information When and Where You Need It

Clinicians have immediate access to patient records: history, clinical documentation, lab results, demographics, prescriptions, discharge instructions, and more. EDIMS’ Nursing Dashboard provides a quick view to ED status to support resource allocation, tracks outstanding orders, and highlights pertinent patient information (like allergies).

Intuitive Charting

EDIMS’ nursing and physician documentation modules are designed to support workflow without interrupting it. All charges are captured — without additional clinician input — and output to billing is seamless.

Comprehensive and Compliant Charge Capture

EDIMS thoroughly documents all procedures and equipment, keeping a record of any supplies used in caring for the patient. Infusions and injections are tracked, with start and stop times recorded automatically. EDIMS fully supports observation and observation coding. Justifications and mandatory fields further ensure regulatory compliance.

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At A Glance

  • Immediate access to patient records
  • Intuitive charting from triage to disposition
  • Pre-built chief complaint templates and order sets guide care
  • Comprehensive and compliant capture of procedures, supplies, and equipment, including infusions and injections
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