EDIMS captures charges automatically from the documentation process.

EDIMS Connects the Dots

EDIMS enables ED to make lost or unrecorded charges a thing of the past. It records every charge, calculates accurate E/M levels, and prepares charts for billing — without interrupting the clinician or the patient.

Every Order Triggers Charges

Provider orders are directly linked to the charges capture process, ensuring all supplies used and procedures performed are accurately documented and charged. The completion of a provider’s order automatically triggers a calculation of charges associated with the intervention.

The System Knows the Rules

EDIMS infers a patient’s acuity from the templates chosen and the associated orders then calculates and suggests the appropriate E/M level. When the system recognizes a “high denial rate” order, it asks for additional justification from the physician. All charges are substantiated with accurate and complete documentation to ensure CMS compliance.

More Productivity Means More Revenue

The automated and accurate capture of charges can make a huge difference in the overall productivity and profitability of an ED. The coding and billing process is streamlined, reducing rework and increasing efficiency and accuracy. Charges are fully realized. Denials are minimized.

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Charge Capture

At A Glance

  • Order completion generates charge capture automatically
  • Documentation drives E/M levels
  • Documentation templates ensure CMS compliance
  • Mandatory justifications reduce denials
Charge Capture Charge Capture