EDIMS makes an impact on both sides of your balance sheet

By making the ED more efficient in multiple ways, EDIMS raises productivity and profitability.

Reporting and analytical tools support targeted operational management in real-time, allowing senior management to be proactive instead of reactive.

Reduce Costs

By automating vital documentation tasks, EDIMS cuts costs at every step in the ED workflow — no more costly triplicate forms. Nurses are freed from repetitive paperwork, which results in quicker patient evaluations, shorter turnaround times, and better use of FTE resources. Billing and coding is easy to review and edit — billers and coders are more efficient and bills go out faster. All of these things lead to improved accuracy and efficiency, which goes directly to the hospital’s bottom line.

Increase Revenue

With EDIMS, no revenue opportunity is missed. Every charge in the ED workflow — every procedure, every supply item, every piece of equipment used, every infusion and injection ordered — is captured through substantiated and compliant documentation. Mandatory justifications for commonly denied tests reduce LMRP/LCD denials. Missed charges and lost charts are reduced or eliminated. E/M levels are accurately calculated. All of this means revenue to the hospital — revenue that may have been missed before.

Streamline Reporting

Detailed reporting tools are easy to learn and use. EDIMS enables you to answer changing regulatory demands quickly and accurately. Information for all types of reporting — risk management, quality assurance, performance improvement, resource allocation, etc — are readily available and easily reported in real-time with easy to learn and easy to use tools.

Increase Patient and Clinician Satisfaction

EDIMS is intuitive — easy to learn and use which translates to 100% adoption. No more after-hours charting for nurses. No more searching for missing charts and lab results. No more late-chart fines for physicians. Operational efficiencies drive patient throughput and that increases patient and provider satisfaction. Clinicians become easier to attract and retain. With EDIMS the ED can be a more welcoming front door to the hospital.

Dramatic ROI

EDIMS delivers dramatic increases in per-patient revenue, producing a ROI that can be measured in months. All charges are supported by adequate documentation to reduce or eliminate denials. EDIMS charts have been proven to stand-up to the most stringent audits, so you keep the revenue too.

Supports “Meaningful Use” Criteria

EDIMS helps hospitals qualify for ARRA funding with:

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Senior Mgmt. Benefits

At A Glance

  • Track and manage ED productivity
  • Reduce coding and billing time
  • Capture charges accurately and completely
  • Streamline regulatory reporting
  • Increase clinician and patient satisfaction
  • Supports “Meaningful Use”