Industry Leading Clinical Decision Support

EDIMS supports clinicians with the information and tools needed to make more informed decisions in less time.

Accurate, compliant, and easy to use — EDIMS workflow management system is the best in the industry, alleviating the pressure at every step in the ED workflow.

Automate the Workflow

EDIMS automates the ED documentation process — reducing repetitive tasks, minimizing the risk of adverse events, and ensuring compliant documentation.

EDIMS gives you immediate real-time access to patient history, clinical documentation, lab results, demographics, prescriptions, and discharge instructions.

  • When a doctor enters an order, every procedure is documented, appropriate charges are captured
  • Supplies and procedures used are captured as they occur
  • Time spent and care delivered are thoroughly documented for each patient

In other words, the clinician is removed from the charge capture process. Treating the patient is once again your primary focus.

Make Decisions Based on Best Practices

EDIMS brings comprehensive clinical decision support to providers in the ED through industry-leading templates, order sets, “macros,” and “pearls”:

  • Over 1,000 Chief Complaint and Diagnosis Templates are built into the system Whatever symptom the patient presents with, you can be sure there’s a template that covers it — there are 27 templates for chest pain alone.
  • Over 250 Order Sets provide medical best practices for common diagnoses
  • “Macros” allow you to quickly add additional complaint or condition templates to a patient’s chart
  • “Pearls” — as in “pearls of wisdom” — are the latest in medical best practice findings and recommendations that help you deliver the best care

All templates and order sets are updated and maintained by over 350 practicing ED professionals who are charged with staying on top of the latest literature and medical best practices.

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Clinician Benefits

At A Glance

  • Industry leading clinical decision support
  • Template-driven charting
  • Automated charge capture
  • Medication reconciliation and interaction checking
  • More time with patients, less time with paperwork