EDIMS benefits everyone connected with the ED

EDIMS is the comprehensive, door-to-disposition ED information system that streamlines documentation.


Enhance your decision making, speed your workflow, and streamline compliance

EDIMS provides all the information and tools you need to make better decisions in less time. Streamlined documentation allows you to spend more time with patients and less with paperwork.

EDIMS has built-in justifications, alerts, and required documentation to make it easy for you to comply with regulatory demands.

With EDIMS, you have the tools you need, where you need them, to work smarter.

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Senior Management

Manage costs, improve productivity and profitability, and increase patient satisfaction

EDIMS reduces costs by streamlining the workflow, making better use of FTE resources, and greatly reducing the time spent on regulatory reporting.

EDIMS raises revenue by capturing every charge, assigning accurate E/M levels, and reducing denials.

EDIMS detailed reporting of all timelines allows for targeted operations improvement.

EDIMS helps you to reduce wait times, improve throughput, and ensure patient safety — all supporting increased patient satisfaction.

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IT Personnel

Proven and experienced, interoperable, and unparalleled implementation and support team

EDIMS is designed to support the IT Department — resource light solution, small hardware footprint, an interface engine to simplify connectivity, and turn-key software implementations.

EDIMS is pre-built with templates and order sets, yet allows for easy customization to site specific preferences.

EDIMS provides superior training and support to further reduce the burden on your IT staff.

EDIMS has a long record, over 20 years, of excellent service in EDs throughout the country. EDIMS provides on-site peer-to-peer training and support by the best team in the industry.

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