EDIMS Version 2.6 achieves ICD-10 compliance ahead of the October 1, 2015 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services deadline.

Meet EDIMS —

The ED management system that takes the pressure off.

The pressure is always on in the emergency department. Pressure on clinicians, senior management, and IT staff. Pressure to improve care while reducing costs. Pressure to see more patients in less time. Pressure to do more with less.

Fortunately, there’s an ED management system that can help: EDIMS. You can improve patient satisfaction, productivity and overall profitability.

With EDIMS, It’s All Possible

EDIMS brings new efficiency to the documentation process so you can:

  • Improve ED productivity by streamlining clinician workflow
  • Improve patient care and safety through better decision support
  • Capture every charge you’re entitled to
  • Streamline regulatory reporting

More Productive Means More Profitable

EDIMS makes everyone more productive — doctors, nurses, billers, coders. And improved productivity is the first step towards improved profitability.

Read how EDIMS takes the pressure off

  • Clinicians

    EDIMS takes the paper out of paperwork, giving you more time for patients. Read More

    Senior Management

    EDIMS helps you manage performance, streamline operations, and relieve the stress of regulatory reporting. Read More

    IT Professionals

    Everything about EDIMS is streamlined — implementation, training, and integration with other departments. Read More